Problem Gambling and Mental Health in LGBTQIA+ Communities (Austrailia)

Research and Data
Author(s): Philip Birch, Jane Louise Ireland, Claire Ruth Strickland, & Johann Kolstee
Year Published: 2015


This Australian online study surveyed 69 LGBTI individuals about mental health and problem gambling concerns.

Highlights from Study:

  • 14 participants (20%) met criteria for gambling disorder
  • Pub/slot games (58%) and scratch-offs (43%) were most common types of gambling reported
  • Reasons for gambling: to seek pleasure/enjoyment, cope with stress, enhance mood, socialization. “Escape” methods of gambling were preferred.


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Birch, J.P., Ireland, J.L., Strickland, C and Kolstee, J. Examining Problematic Gambling and Mental Health in LGBTI Communities: A Preliminary Study. Medical Research Archives. 3; 1 – 7.

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