Talk2Kids offers information on the risks of underage gambling and resources for parents to take action and start conversations with kids to prevent gambling and gambling problems in youths’ future.

The Line Is Blurring

Today, the explosion of internet gambling and gaming opportunities — plus the inescapable advertising and marketing of gaming and gambling everywhere from television to the corner store — relentlessly expose our children to enticing messages of winning, risk-taking and excitement from a very early age. The line between gambling and gaming is getting blurrier every day.

Research on Kids and Gambling

Problem gambling can start young; really young. In fact, 39.5% of youth age 12-17 have gambled this past year, and 30% of these youth state that they began gambling at age 10 or younger. The earlier a child starts gambling, the more likely they are to have problems due to gambling (OASAS, 2015).

Your Words can Make the Difference

Talk2Kids provides a number of resources for parents to start the conversation with kids:

  • Informational materials.
  • Tips for starting a conversation with kids.
  • Short videos showing 3 different ways to start these conversations.

Visit Talk2Kids and start the conversation with your kids today!