NCAA Survey of Senior Compliance Administrators on Sports Wagering Issues

Research and Data
Author(s): EPIC Risk Management (Funded by NCAA)
Year Published: 2023


The survey targeted the senior compliance administrator from each Division I, II and III member school to better understand how the NCAA can support schools in educating student-athletes and staff members about sports wagering. More than 500 completed the survey administered in late July and early August.


Quantitative Data Highlights

  • 27% of autonomy schools had dealt with a sports wagering problem among their athletes or staff within the past year.
  • 25% become aware of any student-athletes on their campus who were harassed (online or in person) by someone with gambling interests.
  • 95% have some form of sports wagering education occurring for athletes, coaches and athletics administrators.
  • 85% of D1, 50% of D2 and 32% of D3 schools provide education more than once/year to student-athletes.
  • 75% of D1, 40% of D2 and 25% of D3 schools provide education more than once/year to their coaches and administrators.


Qualitative Data Highlights

  • More schools across all three NCAA divisions are also discussing well-being issues, including gambling addiction, than reported doing so in a similar NCAA survey conducted in 2019.
  • Many schools, especially those in DI, send student-athletes and athletics department personnel reminder texts or emails prior to big sporting events (e.g., March Madness, Super Bowl, football bowl games).
  • Regardless, sports wagering falls at the bottom of the importance list.
    • Academic eligibility, drug testing, sexual violence and mental health are the priorities.


Identified Risk Factors

  • Access and availability with technology.


Identified Protective Factors

  • Education for student athletes.
  • Education for compliance administrators.


Identified Challenges

  • Institutions do not have the resources or the funding to win this battle.
  • The sheer access of wagering activities available with technology is IMPOSSIBLE to monitor or track.
  • Student-athletes don’t see the rules and education as relevant to them.


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NCAA survey of Senior Compliance Administrators on sports wagering issues. September 2023. Accessed November 15, 2023.

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