Gambling in the Workplace Toolkit

Author(s): NY Council on Problem Gambling
Year Published: 2020


NYCPG has developed this Gambling in the Workplace Toolkit to support employers who are ready to learn about and to address gambling.  Although not often recognized, problem gambling is a significant workforce issue. The effects of a gambling problems almost always spill over into the workplace. This occurs through either the individual who is gambling themselves or a family member who is living with the effects of a gambling problem. Effects on the workplace include lost time; lost productivity; and desperation can lead to theft, fraud, or embezzlement.

The toolkit includes three parts:

  • Basic information for employers about the issue;
  • A discussion of employer responsibilities; and
  • Sample policy language for employers interested in creating a safer workplace for their employees.

If you are interested in working on your workplace policies and are looking for additional support or information, you can reach out to your Regional Problem Gambling Resource Center (PGRC).  Regional PGRC information can be found at


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