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Prevalence of Gambling Problems, Help-Seeking, and Relationships with Trauma in Veterans →

Of recently transitioned veterans, 4% reported gambling harm and 6% reported problem gambling. This study reviewed cross-sectional self-report survey data from 3,511 Australian Defense Force ...

Author(s): Metcalf, Olivia & Lawrence-Wood, Ellie & Baur, Jenelle & Hooff, Miranda & Forbes, David & O'Donnell, Meaghan & Sadler, Nicole & Hodson, Stephanie & Benassi, Helen & Varker, Tracey & Battersby, Malcolm & Mcfarlane, Alexander & Cowlishaw, Sean

Year Published: 2022

Research and Data

Gambling Problems in US Military Veterans →

33% of hospitalized veterans seeking treatment met criteria for comorbid substance abuse and GD. 66.4% of veterans seeking treatment for GD reported a lifetime history of substance abuse or ...

Author(s): Repairer Etuk, Steven D. Shirk, Joshua Grubbs & Shane W. Kraus

Year Published: 2020

Research and Data

Effects of Neighborhood Disadvantage on Problem Gambling and Alcohol Abuse →

Gambling in the past year is more prevalent (75%) than drinking any alcohol in the past year (60%). 75% of respondents reported gambling in the past year. A higher rate than drinking any ...

Author(s): Grace M. Barnes, John W. Welte, Marie-Cecile O. Tidwell, and Joseph H. Hoffman

Year Published: 2013