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Prevalence of Gambling Problems, Help-Seeking, and Relationships with Trauma in Veterans →

Of recently transitioned veterans, 4% reported gambling harm and 6% reported problem gambling. This study reviewed cross-sectional self-report survey data from 3,511 Australian Defense Force ...

Author(s): Metcalf, Olivia & Lawrence-Wood, Ellie & Baur, Jenelle & Hooff, Miranda & Forbes, David & O'Donnell, Meaghan & Sadler, Nicole & Hodson, Stephanie & Benassi, Helen & Varker, Tracey & Battersby, Malcolm & Mcfarlane, Alexander & Cowlishaw, Sean

Year Published: 2022

Research and Data

National Survey on Gambling Attitudes →

Sports gambling population is 7x more likely to have lied to hide their gambling many times and 5x more likely to say they’ve needed to rely on others to pay their debts or bills many times.

Author(s): National Council on Problem Gambling

Year Published: 2021

Research and Data

Determinants of Gambling Disorders in Elderly People →

A total of 51 studies met the inclusion criteria for this literature review geared towards exploring the determinants influencing gambling disorder in older people.

Author(s): Guillou Landreat Morgane , Cholet Jennyfer , Grall Bronnec Marie , Lalande Sophie , Le Reste Jean Yves

Year Published: 2019

Research and Data

Effects of Neighborhood Disadvantage on Problem Gambling and Alcohol Abuse →

Gambling in the past year is more prevalent (75%) than drinking any alcohol in the past year (60%). 75% of respondents reported gambling in the past year. A higher rate than drinking any ...

Author(s): Grace M. Barnes, John W. Welte, Marie-Cecile O. Tidwell, and Joseph H. Hoffman

Year Published: 2013

Research and Data

Gambling and Problem Gambling Across the Lifespan →

In the past year, 60% of 14–15 year-old respondents have gambled, 89% of 22-30 year-old respondents have gambled, and 62% of 71+ year-old respondents have gambled.

Author(s): John W. Welte, Grace M. Barnes, Marie-Cecile O. Tidwell, and Joseph H. Hoffman

Year Published: 2011