Problem Gambling Awareness Month

PGAM 2023

Shine A Light on Problem Gambling 

In honor of Problem Gambling Awareness Month (PGAM), the New York Council on Problem Gambling (NYCPG) is encouraging everyone across New York State – individuals, agencies and communities alike – to come together shine a light on problem gambling. With gambling opportunities expanding at rapid rates in New York State and beyond, it’s imperative that all factions of the community, in all geographic areas of the state, join forces around the issue of problem gambling.  We need to collaborate to raise awareness of problem gambling, prevent any additional problems related to gambling, and get those in need to adequate support services in their own community. 

There are many ways you can get involved in Problem Gambling Awareness Month!  

Host a Screening Day  

March 14th is Screening Day – On screening day we encourage everyone to screen for gambling disorder. Use our screening day quick start guide to get started. Our screening day toolkit has all the information you need to host a successful event.  

Connect With Your Local Problem Gambling Resource Center  

Schedule a training, get materials to share at your organization, or join the clinical network! The PGRC’s are here to educate you about problem gambling and connect those adversely affected to resources and support.  

Get a Proclamation Signed  

Work with your local government to get a proclamation signed to declare March Problem Gambling Awareness Month to help raise awareness in your local communities.  

Share Information on PGAM 

Use our Digital Media Support kit to share social media posts and include blurbs in local papers or newsletters. 

Help Us Shine A Light on Problem Gambling  

Participate in our Shine A Light efforts. Part of this effort is to encourage communities and landmarks to join our efforts in bringing awareness to our mission. We need advocates like you to support us, the wider our reach the more likely we are to reach those affected negatively by problem gambling. If you are willing to support our efforts, please fill out this survey.  

Attend the NYCPG Annual Conference  

Join us in Albany, NY March 8th – 9th as we continue to Shine a Light on problem gambling at our annual conference. Register Here – We hope to see you there!  

Most importantly we want to here from you! What are you doing to help raise awareness during PGAM ?

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