New York Responsible Gambling Hub

New York Responsible Gambling Hub

Gambling for most people is a recreational activity. However, for some people, gambling may result in an addiction. If your gaming facility is committed to being a good corporate citizen and has established a Responsible Gaming Program that will provide assistance to compulsive gamblers and prevent underage gambling, this website is for you!

The New York Council on Problem Gambling believes it is important to design and implement an effective strategy that not only helps prevent problem gambling but helps to identify the problem gambler and find solutions. Our approach to the development and implementation of an effective strategy for dealing with problem gambling includes:

  • Preventing Underage Gambling
  • Providing Self-Exclusion Programs
  • Providing Responsible Gambling Specific Information and Messaging
  • Applying Rigorous Advertising and Promotion Standards
  • Providing Resources on Informed Decision Making
  • Assisting Patrons Who May Have Problems with Gambling
  • Limiting Access to Money
  • Training Employees
  • Addressing Problem Gambling at the Community Level

At the New York Responsible Gambling Hub, you will find resources to help you address Responsible Gambling at your facility, including rack cards, employee training and resource links. NYCPG staff members are always available for support and consultation as you develop and improve your onsite programming.

Visit the NYRG Hub to learn more about what you can do to prevent problem gambling as a gaming facility operator!