Q&A with UCLA psychiatrist Timothy Fong on gambling and the Super Bowl

The director of the UCLA Gambling Studies program on what makes the Super Bowl so popular for gamblers and more.

Dr. Fong discusses the rise of paid fantasy sports

Sacha Feinman and Josh Isreal interview Dr. Timothy Fong for an article on fantasy sports betting for Think Progress

Dr. Fong in Think Progress

UGSP's new videos on problem gambling

If you're having a problem with gambling, check out UGSP's new videos to find out about resources that can help you.

UGSP Gambling Videos

Washington Post's Article on Gambling Among Asians

J. Freedom du Lac writes about the growing Asian gambling population in Maryland and interviews Dr. Tim Fong from the UGSP.

Washington Post - Asian Gambling

Scientific American Discusses Gambling Addiction with Dr. Fong

Dr. Tim Fong is interviewed for Ferris Jabr's article in Scientific American examining new models of gambling addiction.

Scientific American - Gambling Addiction