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Welcome! Choose the language you prefer to view our website. We offer information and resources in a number of languages to meet the needs of many cultures.

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We also offer brochures featuring responsible gambling guidelines in 6 languages and “Freedom from Problem Gambling” workbooks in 21 languages. Choose from a variety of helpful publications.

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Most adults gamble responsibly. However, almost one million adults suffer negative effects on their lives from problem gambling.

Family If you suspect that a family member or friend has a gambling problem, you will find information, resources and assistance from the Office of Problem Gambling.

Free treatment for Problem Gamblers and those affected by problem gambling behavior is available. Services include telephone counseling, outpatient - face to face, and residential treatment.

community If you or someone you know suffers from the affects of problem gambling, please call
1-800-GAMBLER to be referred to a licensed therapist.

For Therapists

The California Gambling Education and Treatment Services Program (CalGETS) is recruiting licensed therapists to attend state-funded training and become authorized providers.

community Become an authorized provider or get resource materials to treat problems gamblers.

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Looking for responsible gambling materials and information? Office of Problem Gambling offers many free resources created to enhance Responsible Gambling Programs.

Gambling Industry For most, gambling is recreational. For some, gambling leads to debilitating problems that impact more than just themselves.
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