Problem Gambling Awareness Month

March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month: NYCPG asks you to Start the Conversation about Problem Gambling in the Work Place.




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In honor of Problem Gambling Awareness Month (PGAM) for 2019, the New York Council on Problem Gambling (NYCPG) focuses on bringing to light the connections between problem gambling and problems in the work place.   

Problem gambling just means that gambling is causing problems in someone’s life.  These problems could be related to money, relationships or even work.  Over half a million people in NYS are struggling with problems due to their gambling.  Problem gambling doesn’t just affect the individual. It also affects family members, friends and coworkers, which could reach over 6.7 million people.

People negatively affected by problem gambling may exhibit changes in mood, difficulty focusing at work, and struggle to hold the trust of colleagues.  These personal problems don’t stay home, and they do affect the workplace atmosphere and productivity.  Additionally, the financial cost of gambling can cause an increase in anxiety and stress (Dowling et al, 2016).  The financial costs include: 

  • 20% of addicted gamblers have filed for bankruptcy; 
  • 60% of those addicted to gambling will commit crimes; and 
  • Each person struggling with problem gambling costs taxpayers an estimated $56,000.00 for work absenteeism, time in courts and health-related costs. 

Start the conversation with your coworkers and employees. Start the conversation with your clients. Start the conversation with your family members. Let’s all do our part to help raise awareness about mental health conditions and problem gambling.